Unload-It Shotshell Dismantling Tool 12ga

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Product Overview

New! Unload-It Shotshell Dismantling Tool 12ga

The World's Easiest Shotshell Dismantler

New Arrival: Our lab completely redesigned the shotshell dismantling tool to make it the quickest and easiest tool on the market. Simplicity and effectiveness were our two goals in the design of this essential tool. Insert the 12ga shell, grip the handle and spin the shell. The results are a clean cut and salvaged components every time.

Three-Second Instructions:

Open the Unload-It and insert the crimp end in the recessed area of the tool.

Apply gentle pressure inward (to assure an even cut) and gently press the handles together.

Spin the shell counterclockwise (against the sharp portion of the blade) until the shell simply pops apart.

Dump the powder from the lower portion first and then remove the wad and dump the shot.

That's all there is to it. The Unload-It cuts to a uniform depth of 1.2 inches every time. We're set on that depth because you should get an even cut around the wad, which will allow you to dump the powder first and then remove the wad from the upper portion and salvage the shot.

Everybody makes mistakes in loading, but the Unload-It makes quick and easy work of dismantling shotshells. This tool will pay for itself in a very short amount of time.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review