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All around Champ

All around Champ

Posted by Dean Crouch on 23rd Jul 2021

So this little ripper recently arrived at the Top Shot Warehouse, The ATLAS AT200 Tri Axis with a LongRange Tri Axis controller.. There is not much this one can not do. 

Fully control all 3 axis with a wireless remote, And fire with a voice command. the ultimate training machine 

Fine Tune your target presentation from the shooting position, Incl Side tilt for belly or face presentations

Switch on continual movement for any axis. 

You can shoot sporting clays, DTL, continental and even Ball trap with this machine, 6 Year warranty, All stainless frame and contact surfaces, Easy to maintain with no expensive printed circuit boards just off the shelf automotive 12v parts. 

Will throw a standard clay 85 Meters 

Check out this awesome machine at