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Separate Yourself with RIACT A.I.™ Lens Technology

Separate Yourself with RIACT A.I.™ Lens Technology

Posted by Marketing Team on Feb 16, 2022 on 24th Feb 2022

in a sport where a fraction of an inch can be the difference between winning and losing, shooters are always on the hunt for top-tier equipment that will give them that edge when it matters most. That’s why in August 2021, RE Ranger launched RIACT A.I.™—the first-ever shooting lenses created through artificial intelligence.

So far, the RIACT A.I.™ Bright Light, RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light, and RIACT A.I.™ Low Light lenses have been a hit amongst the sporting clay community—the clarity, enhanced depth perception, and natural field of vision are unlike anything shooters have experienced in a lens before. However, for RE Ranger to claim that RIACT A.I.™ is the most versatile shooting eyewear on the market, we sought out the RE Ranger Pro Staff for the final seal of approval.

Chad Roberts l Sporting Clays Professional

When you're a sporting clay road warrior like Chad Roberts, it's not uncommon to navigate a kaleidoscope of lighting conditions—especially when you're shooting multiple events in one day.

As soon as Chad Roberts steps into the stand, he's locked in and focused on dusting that dead pair—the last thing on his mind is whether or not he needs to change his lenses. With the RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light lens, don't worry about varying light because you will have a lens that provides the highest level of clarity and target visibility no matter what conditions you traverse.

Stay rad like Chad Roberts in all lighting conditions with the RIACT A.I.™ Mid-Light Lens.

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