Universal Primer Pocket Conditioner

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Universal Primer Pocket Conditioner
(10ga - .410)

Even brand-new shotshells sometimes require that the primer pocket be sized down to a standard 209 size. This tool makes that process easy and saves you money on hulls.

Problem: After a few firings the primer pocket can expand and the primers may not seat tightly. This becomes noticeable when the primer starts to back out as the wad is compressed or the shell is crimped. The primer may even just fall out.

Solution: Instead of throwing away otherwise perfectly good hulls or risking a loose primer, you can resize the hull's primer pocket. Put the unprimed hull onto the tool (as pictured above) into place and give it a couple taps with a hammer (see "Additional Images"). This will resize the pocket back to standard 209 size and will now properly hold the primer in place.

This tool will pay for itself in a very short time. Excellent for resizing Fiocchi, Cheddite, and Rio hulls.


email us at sales@topshotind.com.au for an instruction sheet on using this tool 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review