Sporting 16ga Wads (250)

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SG16 Sporting Sixteen wad (250/bag)

Original Sporting Sixteen 16 gauge wad offers the optimum volume for classic sixteen gauge performance. Of course, we can load more, but 7/8 to 1 oz loads just give us that ideal match between bore diameter and payload height. This affordable wad allows you to shoot your sixteen more often.

Identifying feature: Note the 24 pins that protrude down from the gas seal in a two circular designs around one central pin (see image above). These pins occupy space that would otherwise be filled with propellant, thus lifting the wad above the propellant charge.

Wad design: Tear-away petal design, G-ring crush section, and an exceptional gas seal, creating consistent and clean-burning loads. The Sporting 16 is recommended as a superior pheasant and dove wad.


21mm model
Gas Seal: .665" diameter X .027" thick
Overall Length: 1.440"
Seal to cup bottom: .785"
Shotcup depth: .655"
Shot level in cup: 3/4oz
Optimum range: 20-55 yards
Quick crossing and all short to mid-range shots


(No reviews yet) Write a Review