Offeye - FIT KIT

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Product Overview

Eye Dominance Patches

Target shooting (including clay targets and archery) is done with a dominant eye but that is not always the same as your dominant hand. Your dominant eye is the decision maker but the non-dominant eye interferes and you can end up seeing two targets (or two barrels) because your "off eye" (dominant eye) is too strong. OFFEYE™ Optical Filters are designed to correct this and allow your non-dominant eye to take over. It does this by using our brain’s ability to fill in the missing parts of an obscured image.
This patented product means you don't have to close the dominant eye - you can keep both eyes open. OFFEYE™ Optical Filters are the first target shooting aid designed to not block your vision but to hone the way your eyes perceive the target. It's simple but highly effective. The removable, re-usable vinyl cling material filters adhere to either the inside or outside of any eyewear. Full instructions are provided with the product.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review