Helix Cushion Driver-21 wad (250 Bag)

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Helix Cushion Driver-21 wad (250/bag)

The pliable Helix cushioning system is designed to reduce recoil and shock. Superb 1-1/8oz to 1-1/4oz. patterns, optimum range of 30-65 yards. An excellent wad for handicap trap shooting and field loads.


Gas Seal: arched dome .725" diameter, .215" thick - two powder migration rings and two stabilization rings
Overall length: 1.6"
Seal to cup bottom: .900"
Shotcup depth: .740"
Shotcup type: lay-back hinged
Shot level in cup: 1oz+
Optimum range: 30-65 yards
Going away targets


(No reviews yet) Write a Review